The pre-press activity is mainly involved in preparing the file for digital engraving

Use specific software useful for the realization of the graphic project. The processing is developed with esko graphic software on the esko automatic engine platform..

Kronos press printing

Color management

Activity aimed at creating the color profile according to the type of flexographic printing machine and the substrate to be printed, as well as the inks used.

The color profile test, which shows color density and crushing due to printing pressure, it will then be used to create the color proof on a fogra certified plotter. (CROMALIN). For the realization of these two tests we use tools such as: x-rite – gmg – epson.


Production of polymer sheets

The final stage of production is aimed at the delivery of engraved polymers

Used to print with rotary machines on flexible materials such as plastic and paper whose destination is for packaging in different market sectors (food - fast food - labels - shopper) in one word of packaging.


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Kronos stampa pressografica