The company philosophy is to offer customers the ability to meet the growing needs of market evolution and above all from the point of view of delivery times and logistics. The strength of the Kronos it is mainly prepress, in particular, the control of the files received from customers and the optimization of all stages of the process with dedicated software up to the final execution of the graphic project, from which then, polymer cliches are produced for the flexographic printing.

No less important is the quality control. The polymer, after engraving, it is checked with professional equipment that detect the thickness, the incision made, the correspondence of the percentages of screen and their definition.

L’technical office quickly relates to the customer for quotes and deliveries.

Atmosphere: for the care of the environment, the Company has adopted the closed circuit solvent distillation procedure ( CIEMME ) with smoke abatement.

Kronos press printing
Kronos press printing
Flexographic printing
Graphic design elaboration
Polymer matrices
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